Junior developers are often experiencing all kind of difficulties and issues.
While there’s no magic, there are quite a few steps to apply down the road to Mid-level.

It’s important to mention that level of seniority, either Junior, Mid or Senior is not only about your experience in terms of time, but rather your skills, knowledge and efficiency.

The junior developer tackles all kinds of difficulties: Overwhelming buzz words of tech industry — either jargon or some proprietary & open source software tools, lack of knowledge or understanding of how to approach a task or a problem, the feeling that…

Introduction and goals

A bit about myself

My name is Shlomi. I am 32 years and I consider myself a very enthusiastic software engineer. This post is my very first one, and I am excited to have you reading it!

I feel most comfortable writing code in Java \ Python but I have some extra knowledge with some of other programming languages, computer layers, open source tools and system-related stuff (Linux, Networking, DevOps etc)

I still have a lot to learn (Well.. there always is more) and will do so as I hope to get this blog more professional and useful for my readers.

How did I get into software engineering?

In my youth…

Shlomi M

Passionate software engineer, having first steps towards well-written blog posts with useful content and fun writing — style. Will appreciate your feedback!

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